We’re Marcus and Nicolas. We co-founded together Manycore. We are working towards making computer faster. This is a problem we find interesting, difficult and important. We already spent 4 years on it, we got some interesting results out of it and now are building some products out of it.

An Important Problem

Each time we were able to increase significantly computing performance the world changed for the better. Connecting all human knowledge, being able to talk to anyone on Earth for free, DNA editing, crypto-currencies… All of these progresses are built on computing. It is important to keep that movement on. Especially in these times.

Because it’s a really hard problem, we built a few prototypes to make sure we really got something.

Speeding Up Uber

We have been able to automatically make Uber starts 800 ms faster than their build.

We automatically moved some parts of their code to a thread without affecting the app. We proved the specific code could be computed after the display of the screen.

Improving JVM Cold Starts

Springboot takes over 10 s to start. This is called cold start and it’s a known problem on the JVM. GraalVM Native Image removes cold starts by compiling ahead of time the Java code to native code.

The problem is it’s really hard to compile your Java app to GraalVM. We built a PoC to fic this. It generates automatically the GraalVM config using a slicing technology we invented.

Our Future

And now? We’re busy building new speeding up technology and releasing the ones we have on market.

If you want to know more about us and keep in touch

If you want to get in touch, please talk to us on hey@manycore.io

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