For JVM Geeks: Magicator, Jar Reflection Analyzer

Announcing Manycore New Product

We have just released a free reflection analyzer for JVM based languages. Upload your jar and we’ll tell you where and how you use reflection.

Reflection in Java is used in most libraries and it creates several problems.

  • Bad reflection calls can crash your application at runtime unexpectedly,

  • It’s a security risk. Static analyzers cannot analyze reflection.

  • Reflection performance is bad. A reflection call is 1,000 slower than a direct call in our tests

  • GraalVM, Proguard and R8 expect a file describing reflection usage.

For all of these reasons, it is useful to look behind the veil and analyze where and how reflection is used.

This is precisely what our product does: we comb through all of your application and its dependencies to detect reflection.

We offer a free analysis of your application to understand where and how reflection is used. The analysis is totally free and easy to use.


Below is a sample report for an open source project:

I’m always eager for feedback so please reach out and sign up.